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Behavior can impact the outcome of a traffic stop

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Drug Charges |

Police officers patrolling the streets pull drivers over daily. You might not think that your behavior during the traffic stop has any part in what is going to happen during it, but that thought is just plain wrong. You have to be prepared to handle police interactions very carefully so that you don’t run the risk of doing something that is going to raise their suspicions.

One thing that you have to remember in these interactions is that being aggressive, angry or nervous is bound to raise suspicions. The officer might think that you are behaving in those ways because you have something to hide. Unfortunately, they might start to look for reasons to be able to search your vehicle. Remember that you don’t have to give consent for them to search, but they do have other options that they can use if they want to search.

Another point to remember if you are stopped is that you still have rights. By law, you must provide your identification, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. The officer does have the right to ask you and anyone else in the vehicle to get out, and they can pat you down if they think that you might have a weapon on your person.

If you are arrested for any reason during a traffic stop, including if the officer finds drugs in the vehicle, remember that you can present a defense to the charges. Try to make notes about what happened during the traffic stop because that information might come in handy when you are planning a defense strategy.