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Types of drug charges vary based on circumstances

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Drug Charges |

People who use or sell drugs have a variety of criminal charges that they could face in connection with those activities. It is necessary to think carefully about these matters if you are involved in drug activities since there is a chance that you will eventually find yourself in court over them. These charges can be very serious and might mean that your life will change greatly.

For drug users, possession and paraphernalia charges are the two most common types of charges that they may face. Possession charges don’t necessarily mean that you have the drugs on your person, they only have to be in an area where you control. Paraphernalia charges can arise without the presence of any drugs. It is possible that simply having certain items with you might trigger criminal charges.

People who face one of those two types of charges might qualify for special programs that can prevent them from incarceration if they get convicted. These programs can also address the underlying issues that lead to the addiction.

For people who sell drugs, the charges are a bit more serious. You can face manufacturing, delivery, selling or even trafficking charges. These are felony charges that are associated with lengthy incarceration terms and might also come with hefty fines. They can also have a negative impact on your life over the long term.

No matter what type of charges you face, you need to think about how each option will affect you. This might give you a clear direction for your defense, so be sure that you are being realistic about what might happen with each strategy component.