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Determine a defense strategy for marijuana charges

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Marijuana Charges |

Many people think of marijuana charges as being minor. While it is understandable why this is a common thought, you should remember that these charges still have specific penalties here. On top of the criminal matters that come with this drug, there is also the possibility of marked impacts in other areas of your life.

We know that you might wish you hadn’t ever been caught with marijuana. This is understandable but you must focus on the future since you can’t change the past. Your goal now needs to be working on a defense strategy that will reduce the severity of the penalties and consequences you will face in every aspect of your life.

There aren’t any simple strategies for a defense that are going to work in every case. We have to look at the individual circumstances of each case we work on. Once we do this, we have an idea of what components we might be able to use. We need to address the points that the prosecution might bring up during your case.

Many defendants don’t realize that they have to play an active role in their defense planning. This matter impacts your future. We will explain the options that you have and then you must decide what to do. You must determine what goals you have for the matter.

Do you want to work on proving that you aren’t guilty of the crime or do you want to work on minimizing the penalties you face? When you answer that question, your defense plan might become a bit clearer. We will work with you to figure this out.