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Homicide charges include murder and manslaughter

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Murder / Homicide Charges |

When an individual dies at the hands of another person, the detectives over the case have to determine what happened. The circumstances of the case are used to decide what type of criminal charges the person will face.

Not all homicides are murders. A homicide is simply the death of a person that didn’t stem from natural causes. There are many different charges that can come from a homicide. The two main types are murder charges and manslaughter charges, both of which can lead to imprisonment, fines and other penalties.

Under each of those types, there are different degrees. For example, first degree murder is more serious than second degree. Voluntary manslaughter is more serious than involuntary manslaughter. These are very important distinguishing points that directly impact what penalties the person will face if they are convicted.

The circumstances of the killing have a part in what type of charges you will face. They also have an impact on what you can do for your defense. In some cases, a plea deal might be the best option if you admit to the killing. This might enable you to have the charge or sentence reduced, which could be beneficial.

Another thing that you must consider in these cases is that you might face a civil case for a wrongful death claim. This is brought by the victim’s family and usually seeks monetary compensation for their loss. A wrongful death claim is completely separate from the homicide charge case. You can be found guilty in the criminal matter but found not liable in the civil case or vice versa.