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Group wants special session to implement medical marijuana laws

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Marijuana Charges |

Now that State Question (SQ) 788 has passed, making it legal for certain Oklahoma residents to possess and use marijuana for medicinal purposes, many are wondering what will happen next. One group in particular, New Health Solutions Oklahoma, wants the governor to hold a special legislative session geared toward implementing a marketplace.

Before the vote, Governor Fallin said a special session would be necessary to “create the framework and rules” if State Question 788 passed. However, she recently announced that no special session is necessary. New Health Solutions wants the governor to reconsider this decision and make good on her earlier statement.

According to the group’s executive director, failing to call the session is “a failure of leadership.” With less than 30 days left to implement the measure, the group’s director explained how cannabis patients need responsible legislation centered on establishing an appropriate marketplace. Even though the bill has passed, these patients have no idea where and how they will be able to purchase medical marijuana.

Under SQ 788, qualifying patients can purchase a license to possess cannabis. With the license, they can keep up to three ounces of marijuana on their person and up to eight ounces in their homes. They may also possess plants, edibles and concentrate. Once the system is in place, it will lessen the risk of incurring marijuana charges for many who use the substance medicinally. However, without a license, even patients with an established illness can still be arrested for possessing cannabis.

Until the rules and regulations are implemented, patients facing marijuana charges may be able to find a satisfactory legal solution by speaking with an attorney.