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After a tip, Oklahoma police arrest 4 on gun and drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Four Oklahoma City residents are looking at serious consequences after being arrested on gun and drug charges. Police officials say they received a tip on July 13, indicating that a possible drug house was operating in an Oklahoma City neighborhood. Based on this tip, the police set up a surveillance operation to determine if any crimes were occurring.

According to reports, officers entered the house in question after observing a large amount of traffic at the home during all hours of the night and day. Upon entry, the police found marijuana, methamphetamine and approximately 30 guns inside the residence. Two people were arrested on drug charges at the time of the search. The two main suspects were not in the home when authorities entered, but they were located and arrested later.

In addition to drug charges, the two main defendants are facing serious felony charges including “possessing a firearm during the commission of a felony” and “possessing firearms after conviction.” The latter charges occurred because both of the primary defendants have faced controlled substance arrests before.

One of the defendants has a prior conviction related to gun and drug charges as well as concealing stolen property. The other defendant faced previous charges for carrying a weapon and for transporting contraband into a jail.

The drug charges alone require a serious criminal defense, but the presence of firearms – some of them stolen – makes the situation even worse for those arrested. From a defense point of view, it will take an attorney with experience, skill and excellent negotiation techniques to help the defendants avoid the harshest consequences for their alleged actions.