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Drugs that often lead to legal problems in college

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges |

College life: Do you have a love/hate relationship with it? If so, you’re among thousands of other college students in Oklahoma and throughout the nation who say there are things they love about college and major downsides as well. Most students struggle at some point to keep with their studies, especially if they have very active social lives. Hanging out and partying with friends can impact your study habits; it can also lead to other problems, such as those involving drugs.  

Drug abuse is rampant on many Oklahoma college campuses. Whether someone shared a prescription medication with you to help you pull an all-nighter for a big test or people are using party drugs, if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time or suffer a momentary lapse of good judgment, your college career can quickly veer off-track. Facing drug charges is definitely not among the memories you’ll want to carry with you after achieving your diploma; in fact, facing drug charges may bring those plans to a screeching halt.  

Drugs that lead to addiction problems in college 

You may not think it’s a big deal to take over-the-counter cold medication. However, if you do so, then drive a car on or off-campus, you may wind up facing criminal charges for DUI. Over-the-counter meds are often drugs of choice for college students looking for inexpensive ways to get high. The following drugs are also commonly abused in the college environment: 

  • Cocaine, heroin and ecstasy are powerful drugs that college students often use to party. Such drugs are highly addictive and place you at risk for serious personal and legal problems. 
  • It’s not just college students in Oklahoma who use marijuana. New laws in various states decriminalizing such activity have brought about a resurgence of pot use throughout the nation. 
  • While you may not consider it a drug, alcohol is one of the most often abused substances on college campuses everywhere. It’s also one of the most addictive.
  • If you’re under age 21, you risk serious legal problems if you consume alcohol, especially if you drink then get behind the wheel of a car to drive.  

You might be surprised how easily your plans get thrown off-track if you dabble in drug use or drink a lot of alcohol in college. If you make a bad choice on occasion, you are definitely not alone in your struggle and you may be able to overcome minor problems associated with a single, poor decision; however, even seemingly benign incidents can snowball into major legal problems if drugs or alcohol are involved. It’s important to know where to seek support when trying to mitigate such circumstances.