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Take a good look at how Oklahoma deals with marijuana charges

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Marijuana Charges |

As we have said many times in our blog and on our website, it is extremely unwise to underestimate your situation if arrested on marijuana charges in Oklahoma. Unlike so many other states, Oklahoma remains steadfastly against the legalization of this substance in any form, including medical marijuana.

Even a first conviction on marijuana charges in the state comes with stiff penalties, such as a $10,000 fine or up to one year of incarceration. Any subsequent conviction is a felony and the penalties will be even more severe. The penalties associated with the sale or trafficking of weed are astronomical when compared with states that are more tolerant.

Because the penalties put so much of your life at risk, we always advise our blog readers to consider getting a legal opinion if arrested on marijuana charges. This one small step could mean the difference in serving a lengthy jail sentence or having the charges dropped or reduced. Legal advice can also help you formulate the right strategy to defend yourself should your case move forward.

According to the Merry Jane website, one paraplegic caught in Oklahoma with two ounces of weed in his wheelchair received a life imprisonment sentence. While he went on to acquire an early parole for medical reasons, he lost a leg because of his incarceration after developing an ulcerated bedsore.

Further, when other states were beginning to change their laws on marijuana, Oklahoma was actively making its own laws harsher. In 2011, a bill went into effect that increased the penalties associated with manufacturing hash, which is an extract of marijuana. Those convicted of making hash will now serve at least two years behind bars and could even be sentenced to life in prison.

We simply cannot stress the importance of defending yourself properly when facing marijuana charges. We urge all residents of the state to find out more and a great place to start is our firm’s website.