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College drinking trends that can impact your future

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

As an Oklahoma college student, you are likely no stranger to change. From adapting to life away from home to developing good study habits and making it to classes on time, college life is often full of trial and error experiences. Beyond academics, you may also encounter various economic, cultural and social challenges during your life on (or off) campus. For many, alcohol-related issues pose a serious problem.  

Not only do a lot of college students admit to binge drinking, some wind up facing serious legal problems, such as DUI charges. In fact, even a student who merely drinks on occasion can run into difficulties if a police officer pulls him or her over on a drunk driving suspicion. Do you know you rights and where to turn for support if it happens to you? 

Are reasons for drinking the same as your peers? 

If you spend time in college partying or consuming alcohol, you hopefully are well aware of laws that pertain to such activities. Just because you know the law, however, doesn’t guarantee an alcohol-related problem won’t arise. Understanding why college students drink may impact your own choices: 

  • Many students say they loosen up and have more fun after a few drinks. 
  • Some claim alcohol helps them feel like they have more sex appeal, and it also makes others more attractive to them.  
  • Not all college students enjoy campus food. Many say they drink because it makes their food taste better.  
  • Some say drinking alcohol is a way to break the ice at social gatherings.  
  • Perhaps you are among those who use alcohol as a coping mechanism when your academic load seems too heavy or you’re facing a personal crisis of some sort.  
  • Some Oklahoma college students say they feel more confident in social settings if they have alcohol in their systems.  

Having a few alcoholic beverages in your free time at college doesn’t necessarily pose a problem. If you get the behind the wheel of a car to drive after drinking, that may be an entirely different story. If a police officer stops you on suspicion of DUI, it may come down to your word against his or hers. This is why it’s critical to understand your rights ahead of time and to know where to seek support if you wind up facing charges.  

Many say college life and drinking go hand in hand. While that may be up for debate, it’s definitely true that consequences of your alcohol-related choices can impact your college future as well as life beyond earning a degree. Still, unexpected situations occur and people make mistakes. One bad decision or unfortunate situation need not necessarily ruin the rest of your life, especially if you seek experienced guidance.