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DUI charges and court ordered treatment in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | DUI Charges |

When DUI charges lead to conviction, judges in Oklahoma routinely order defendants to complete an alcohol education program. Many people see this as a hardship and perhaps an unfair consequence. After all, those convicted are already paying for their mistake, so why do they have to bother with “DUI School” as well?

While avoiding a conviction on DUI charges is your and your lawyer’s primary goal, completing an alcohol program offers benefits that most defense attorneys believe help clients. You might actually need help with alcohol dependency even if you do not yet recognize such a need. Although you did not choose to enter a rehab program voluntarily, evidence suggests that court-ordered enrollment is often as effective as voluntary enrollment.

Another way that completing court-ordered treatment helps is that it may result in having your DUI charges reduced or even eliminated whether or not you are addicted to alcohol. Modern courts recognize that dependency issues play a large role in why people continue to drive under the influence when they know that the consequences can be severe. Ordering defendants to enroll in an alcohol program may be a more effective deterrent to DUI than jail time, expensive fines and license revocation.

Another thing many people do not know about court-ordered alcohol treatment is that you typically get to choose your program. In Oklahoma, there are more than 75 court-approved treatment centers. Three of these are located here in Norman, with 18 more right next door in Oklahoma City. This gives you an opportunity to conduct a little research and choose the facility that best meets your needs.

Remember, you must complete one of these programs to reap the legal rewards they offer. Dropping out halfway through could carry additional penalties and will affect your ability to recover if you are dependent on alcohol. Completion gives you a fresh new start.

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