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Choosing the right defense for first degree murder charges

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Murder / Homicide Charges |

It is all too easy for those facing serious murder or homicide charges in Oklahoma to lose hope about the future. While first degree murder is indeed a very serious charge, there are defense avenues to explore that might make all the difference in your case. Instead of giving up hope and giving in to your possible fate, consider talking with a lawyer and exploring your options.

The state of Oklahoma takes a serious approach to murder or homicide charges. This means that you also need to adopt a serious approach. When you sit down with your defense attorney, make sure the two of you leave no stone unturned.

Self-defense is a possible defense. In America, you have the right to defend yourself if someone is trying to harm you or take your life. This defense is not always successful but it is worth exploring with your lawyer.

You could argue you were defending others as well. The same rights available to you in a self-defense situation may also apply if you are protecting another person from harm or death.

What looks like murder could simply have been an accident. In some situations, a person may die by accident or misfortune, yet you are charged with murder. If this sounds like your own circumstance, you should definitely tell your lawyer. If successful, you may be able to escape charges altogether or at least have the charges reduced.

Did law enforcement or a witness mistaken you for someone else? As one of the most successful defenses against murder/homicide charges, it is important to explore this option, particularly if you know that you did not kill another person.

Remember, no first degree murder case is ever open-and-shut. Fighting for your rights and your freedom is always crucial, even when you feel the evidence against you is insufficient for a conviction. Do not hesitate to rely on the resources a good criminal defense lawyer can offer.

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