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3 effects a DUI conviction could have on employment

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2018 | DUI Charges |

When a mistake has the ability to seriously affect your life, you may wonder if there are any steps you could take to lessen the negative effects that could result. In some cases, the damage may already be done, and you simply have to live with the consequences. However, in certain situations, you may have the chance to work towards avoiding long-term or even permanent outcomes.

If a police officer stopped you on suspicions that you were driving under the influence, you may have immediately felt your heart begin to race. A DUI is a serious mark on your record, and it could severely impact certain areas of your life, especially when it comes to current and potential employment.

Impacts on your job

Though you may not hold your ideal job at the moment, you likely still appreciate the income that it provides. If you end up with a DUI conviction, job loss is not outside the realm of possibility in many cases. Additionally, if you look for new employment opportunities, you may find your possible choices hampered by the mark on your record. Some specific impacts relating to DUI and employment include:

  • Job loss — As mentioned, losing your job could potentially happen after a DUI conviction. This result could come about if you work in certain professions, such as in teaching or politics. Additionally, if your job requires you to drive as part of your regular tasks, a license suspension could result in your employer firing you.
  • Application scrutiny — Even when just applying for jobs, a DUI could be a hindrance. Prospective employers may see the mark on your record and be less likely to hire you, as they may perceive the DUI as an indicator of a more serious problem. Employers may also look negatively on DUIs as it could make you seem like a liability to their company.
  • Missing work — In order to address the DUI charge, you will need to make court appearances, and in the event of a conviction, you may face jail time or community service. As a result, you could end up needing time away from work, which could affect your employment status, or you may not have the ability to schedule job interviews as easily.

These three issues represent only a few of the possible impacts a DUI could have on your employment.

Defending against charges

Though you may have made the mistake of having a few drinks then getting behind the wheel, you do not have to simply accept negative consequences. You have the ability to defend against any criminal allegations brought against you. A meaningful defense could potentially help you avoid a conviction and the negative effects associated with it.