Charged With A Federal Crime?

Federal criminal defense cases are significantly more challenging than state cases. First of all, in federal cases you are not just up against local law enforcement. Local police may be aided in investigating the case by one or more federal agencies, such as the FBI, DEA or ATF. These agencies spend a substantial amount of time gathering evidence and building their case. In fact, one of the most obvious distinctions between state and federal cases is the sheer volume of evidence. A typical state case may have a folder or two of documents, while a typical federal case may have boxes of documents that will be used to convict you.

If you face federal charges, you must enlist a lawyer who is experienced in these cases. At the Matt Swain Law Firm in Norman, Oklahoma, we are prepared to dive into the boxes of evidence, sifting through it piece by piece to find the weaknesses and attack them. We understand how federal agencies and prosecutors function, and we are not intimidated by them. We are fully prepared to face them in trial if that is what it takes to defend you.

Common Federal Charges

Charges that are frequently handled in federal court include major drug crimes such as drug trafficking. White collar crimes like fraud, embezzlement and money laundering are also typically charged federally. We provide criminal defense in all federal cases.

The penalties for federal crimes tend to be more severe. If you are convicted, you can expect substantial fines and time in prison. You will have a criminal record that will jeopardize your future even when you do get out of prison. We take an aggressive stance to prevent a conviction or minimize the penalties you face.

Under Investigation For A Federal Crime?

It is never too soon to retain an attorney. If you are contacted by investigators, you should contact us. Even if you are told that you are not a suspect and even if you are told you will not be charged, you should be proactive. Investigators say things to get people to open up and say things that may be used against them later. We encourage you to talk to us before you talk to any law enforcement agent. The earlier we can get involved, the more opportunities we will have to position you for success if you are charged. Early intervention may even allow us to prevent charges from being filed against you.

Free Federal Criminal Defense Consultation

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