Clear Your Criminal Record

Are you applying for a job? Are you interested in renting an apartment or a home? Are you seeking public benefits? All of these may involve a background check that includes reviewing your criminal record. If you were convicted or even arrested for a crime, there will be a public record that could prevent you from achieving your goal. For example, in this competitive job market, an applicant may be disqualified for a job because of an arrest record.

You may be able to expunge your criminal record. In other words, you may be able to have arrests removed from your record, as well as some convictions if there was a deferred sentence. Expungement is a complex process that involves specific documentation. You can benefit from having a skilled lawyer guide you through it. At the Matt Swain Law Firm in Norman, we provide expungement services throughout Oklahoma.

Are You Eligible For Expungement?

Many people do not realize that if they were arrested for a crime, they have a record, even if they were never convicted. That record is available to the public, including prospective employers. Expungements are effective at removing records of domestic violence arrests, DUI arrests, drug arrests, theft arrests, sex crime arrests and more. As long as there was not a conviction, there is a possibility of getting the arrest record expunged.

Convictions for serious criminal charges may not be expungeable. However, convictions for some misdemeanors might be expungeable. If you received a deferred sentence and successfully completed the requirements, an expungement may allow you to change the record to show that your case was dismissed. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to review your situation and help you explore your options for clearing your criminal record.

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