Accused Of Domestic Violence?

Allegations of domestic violence can negatively impact your life in many ways. Beyond the penalties that you will face if you are convicted, these allegations could tear you away from your children and have a lasting impact on your family. You must choose a lawyer who understands the full impact of these charges and who will fight to protect you.

At the Matt Swain Law Firm in Norman, we defend people throughout Oklahoma against domestic violence and all related criminal charges, including assault, stalking, harassment and sexual assault. We start these cases by listening to your side of the story. We recognize that there are complex emotional issues involved in these cases, and there may even be further legal entanglements, such as a divorce or a child custody dispute. We know how to sort through everything and design a criminal defense strategy to protect your rights.

Dropping Domestic Abuse Charges

There is a common scenario in these cases: Two people in a domestic relationship - often a married couple or a dating couple - get into a dispute. The police are called, either by a neighbor or by one of the people involved hoping that the police will just help sort the matter out. However, when police come to domestic violence calls, they typically make an arrest. The alleged victim cannot just drop the charges. The prosecutor can and often will choose to pursue charges regardless of what the alleged victim wishes. This is not a situation you can sort out by yourself. A dedicated attorney can help.

Restraining Orders And Domestic Violence Charges

In addition to being charged with the crime of domestic violence, you may be the target of a restraining order or victim's protection order (VPO). This order may prevent you from returning to your home and seeing your children or possessing a firearm, among other things. We can assist you in challenging the order or understanding your rights in relation to the order.

Free Consultation About Family Violence Charges

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