Do Not Plead Guilty To DUI

People often write off driving under the influence (DUI) as a minor charge, particularly if it is a first offense. They plead guilty to the crime so they can move on with their lives, only to find out that moving on after a drunk driving conviction is not as easy as they thought.

When people think of hiring an attorney to provide criminal defense representation, they often worry about the cost. When it comes to defending against drunk driving charges, the real concern should be: what is the cost of not hiring an attorney?

The repercussions of a DUI conviction include driver's license suspension, fines and potentially jail time. Additionally, a DUI conviction will likely lead to increased insurance rates. Why plead guilty when you can retain a skilled lawyer who can work toward minimizing these repercussions? At the Matt Swain Law Firm in Norman, Oklahoma, we work hard to protect your driving privileges, minimize fines and keep you out of jail. We will take steps to prevent this from negatively impacting your insurance premiums.

How Strong Is The Evidence In Your Drunk Driving Case?

You got pulled over for DUI. You blew over the legal limit or failed a blood test. Does that mean that you are guilty? No, you are still innocent until proven guilty and the evidence against you may not be as strong as you think.

We understand that there are many opportunities for mistakes to be made during the process of a DUI arrest. Did the police officer follow proper procedure when pulling you over, having you do field sobriety tests and implementing the breath or blood test? Was the breath test machine properly calibrated, and can the police provide calibration records? These are sensitive machines, and if they are not maintained, calibrated and used correctly, they can provide false results. If we find evidence of misuse, we will use that to seek dismissal of your case.

We employ the services of a local DUI investigator in cases that require additional investigation. As one of the only law firms in the Norman/Oklahoma City area that use a DUI investigator, our success at fighting questionable DUI charges is unmatched. More than 50 percent of our DUI cases in 2015 that used our DUI investigator led to charges being dismissed or reduced.

Even if the evidence holds up, there may be options for fighting the DUI charge or seeking reduced penalties. We encourage you to discuss your case with us.

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