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At the Matt Swain Law Firm in Norman, we are well-known throughout Oklahoma for our ability to take on serious and high-profile criminal defense cases. Our defense of notable and respected Oklahoma residents including doctors, police officers, award-winning musicians, Olympic athletes, University of Oklahoma football players and other athletes has garnered us significant media attention. Time after time, we have proven our strength in fighting potentially life-changing criminal charges like murder, sex crimes and drug trafficking.

We will fight for you.

One-On-One Representation In Every Criminal Defense Case

It is not only our reputation for results that brings people to our law firm. People come to us and refer their friends and family to us because we devote the necessary time and effort to every case we handle. When you choose our law firm, you will get one-on-one attention from a lawyer who will work hard to protect your rights and pursue a positive outcome.

You will have direct access to your lawyer at all times, and you will have the same lawyer representing you from start to finish: Matt Swain. Mr. Swain is a fourth-generation lawyer who understands how to navigate the legal system. He and the rest of our team will be available day and night to address any questions and to resolve any emergencies that may arise.

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When you have been charged with a crime, it often seems like everyone is against you. Everyone is working to convict you. Who will stand up for you? We will. We are on your side and in a free consultation we will tell you exactly how we can help.

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